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decorative lounge and dining room mirror

Dining Room and Lounge Wall Mirrors

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A fine selection mirrors suitable for the dining room or lounge area. In these rooms a mirror can not only make a reception room look bigger and brighter but adds style, wow factor and focal point to your room. You can buy dining room and lounge wall mirrors direct from stock here at the Mirror Shop.

Mirrors for All Sorts of Reception Rooms

Reception rooms come in a vast range of shapes and styles, from traditional decoration in a sitting room, to a modern and contemporary dining space or a fun cosy lounge diner. Including a mirror in your living space can add that additional element to finish a look, as it is something slightly different to a painting or photograph. Mirrors could almost be seen as an evolving piece of art as the reflection changes as the light in the room changes or as different people walk past.

Choosing Dining Room Mirrors

Things to consider when choosing a mirror for your dining room include the layout of your existing furniture. If you have a dining room where there are tall display cabinets then this takes up wall space and may limit the areas you could hang a mirror. Also think about the shapes in the dining room, such as do you have a round, square or rectangular table and whether you would like to mimic that shape with your choice of dining room mirror?

Where to Hang a Lounge Mirror

For the lounge space you may want to consider hanging the lounge mirror in a traditional position such as over the fireplace. This helps to make more of a focal point in the room by drawing the eye. Alternatively you could be creative with the placement of the mirror in the lounge by making a wall of mirrors as a collection behind the sofa. Many lounge mirrors will be hung on the walls but if you have a large space then a great look is a full length mirror on the floor or table that leans against the wall especially if it is a feature in itself (say highly decorative). If you need help deciding on a larger lounge mirror then feel free to read our guide on choosing large mirrors.

Form Follows Function?

Function is another key point to consider when purchasing a mirror for the living room or dining area. Do you want the mirror to be used for seeing people reflection or do you want the lounge wall mirror to be purely a design feature? If it is design you are after then we have some wonderful multi facet wall mirrors that will really stand out and if you are after a functional mirror that looks stunning too then we have gorgeous decorative and ornate styles to suit.

Looking for some ideas and tips on how to use mirrors to decorate your living room? then we have a handy ideas guide with some fabulous thoughts to inspire you in your next interior design project or to help if you just fancy adding a gorgeous mirror or two to your space.

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