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how to choose a large mirror

How to Choose a Large Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most versatile and affordable accessories you can feature in your home. Most households have at least a couple of mirrors for practical purposes but many would benefit from the inclusion of more. Mirrors are not only useful for reviewing one's appearance, they can play an important role in a decorative scheme for a number of reasons so here is why you should consider a large mirror for your home and some help in choosing the right one.

What Space Do I Have?

If your rooms are small, especially if they are narrow, then it is possible to use a large mirror to create the illusion of space. Don't be scared to go big! A large mirror, correctly positioned, will create the illusion of space without the mirror itself dominating the room or looking overbearing.

Some popular spaces to have a large mirror including;

  • Over the fireplace - large overmantle mirrors
  • Behind the sofa - feature large mirror
  • In the hallway or corridor - large long mirror
  • In the bedroom - large full length mirror for dressing
  • Next to a dining table or sideboard - large dining room mirrors
  • Over the sink in the bathroom - large frameless mirror

How Much Light Does My Room Get?

If your spaces lack natural light then a well-positioned large mirror could be the solution to your problem. Placed opposite a window they will reflect light across the room making it feel much more inviting. You can also use a mirror to reflect artificial light and if you choose a multi-faceted design like our striking Large Multi Facet Frameless Bevelled Wall Mirror by Yearn you can bounce light around in interesting ways as well as add a wonderful decorative feature to the room.

large diamond shaped multi facet frameless bevelled wall mirror hanging on beige wall with chair and table
Large Multi Facet Frameless Bevelled Wall Mirror by Yearn - Buy Now

What Area Could I Accent?

You don't just have to use a mirror to reflect your own image. A well placed mirror can also be used to reflect and highlight an attractive feature of your room or a great view through the window. Use bigger mirrors to emphasize a decorative element and make it visible from many angles or to bring the garden into your home. Do take care not to achieve the opposite effect by positioning mirrors in a location that leads to them highlighting a cluttered corner or another unsightly area of your space.

Do I Want A Mirror For Decoration?

Mirrors can be a wonderful decorative feature too and can create a great focal point for any room. It can be much easier to find the right mirror to complement a space than a suitable picture or ornament. Whether it is an Art Deco interior or a contemporary space you can find a decorative mirror that stands out as a feature in its own right. The decoration might be from an ornate frame or a quirky design or shape. At Mirror Shop we have a huge selection of mirrors to choose from and so there is sure to be something to suit your home and decorative style.

How to Choose?

Start by taking a look at the space where you would like to hang the mirror. You need to establish what the right size and shape would be and you can do this by measuring the area and by holding up pictures with different shaped frames. if you don't have other items to hand that can help you then create your own by cutting templates in cardboard.

Once you have settled on the right size and shape you must consider the style of the mirror. If you have a distinctive or defined decorative scheme then choose something in keeping with that. At Mirror Shop we have both contemporary and period style pieces and so our collection features something to suit all tastes and any interior decor. Consider whether you are using the mirror as a decorative feature, focal point or for functional purposes because a simple frame or frameless design is more appropriate if you would prefer your large mirror to sit quietly rather than to make a statement.

Choosing the right large mirror doesn't have to be difficult and it has the potential to completely transform your space. We are sure we will have the perfect mirror for you here at Mirror Shop and our friendly team are always on hand to help if you need further guidance. For more tips and the insight of interior design experts take a look at the video below or explore our full range of larger mirrors here.


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