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A decorative feature mirror corner

Decorative Feature Mirrors

Decorative feature mirrors are a fabulous investment in that they are attractive, which will enrich your interior, whilst also being practical as they create the illusion of space and improve the light. A decorative piece is also a great way to deflect attention away from less appealing areas or features in the home and to emphasise the highlights. A great alternative to a painting as a feature in its own right.

From Practical to Decorative

When reflective surfaces were first evolved and used they were practical accessories but they later developed into decorative features that could enhance any room. If you are looking for a mirror that stands out rather than one which is merely functional then choose a striking mirror to create a focal point in your chosen room.

Decorative Feature Mirror Styles

A decorative feature mirror is a great addition for the home but only if it is the right mirror for your space. Your mirror should complement your decorative scheme and furniture but that doesn't mean that it has to be an identical style or from the same period. Sometimes the juxtaposition of different styles really works but you may have to use a little imagination to pick the perfect piece. At Mirror Shop we have mirrors in a wide variety of styles including both traditional and contemporary pieces and so there is sure to be a wonderful piece for your room. In addition to striking modern designs we have an inspiring collection of Victorian, Rococo, Aztec and Art Deco mirrors with white, gold and silver frames and each which would really draw the eye.

Stand Out With Statement Pieces

The shape of chosen decorative feature mirror can make all the difference to how it works in your home. Generally you will achieve a unified look if you echo the lines of your existing furnishing and décor. Angular furniture is complemented by square and rectangular mirrors whilst flowing lines and curves are enhanced by oval and circular styles. However, if you really want your mirror to stand out and to become a statement piece then choose the unexpected and combine a round mirror with angular furnishings or invest in a freeform piece. Try including an ornate mirror in a minimalist room or period style piece in a contemporary home. You use cardboard templates to help you decide what shape of mirror will create the desired effect.

There is no limit to how mirrors can be used creatively in decorative schemes. They are valuable tools that are always at your disposal and we have just the breadth of range that you need to get your creative juices flowing!

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