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blue living room with white mirror on wall

How to use Mirrors to Decorate a Living Room

We love mirrors! There are all sorts of ways to use mirrors as a decoration to enhance the overall ambience of your living room. Mirrors are not just a great way to check your appearance, but they can be used creatively in order to direct light around your space and avoid having any dark or gloomy corners.

On top of that, you can use the reflection of the mirror to create the impression of space being opened up in the room. This effect depends on where the mirror faces and the size of the mirror, but it can often help to widen narrower living rooms.

Not only that, but the mirror serves as a valuable decorative accessory in itself, one that can bring an exciting texture, shapes and even colour to the space using creative designs.

In order to give you a helping hand in finding the right way to use mirrors to decorate your living room, we are here to give you a few decorating ideas which might inspire your interior design decisions!

Large Mirrors to Create Space

If you want to create the feeling of space then going for a large mirror is a must for your living room. By placing a large mirror on the wall behind your sofa or in an overmantle position for example, you are able to create the illusion that the room is larger than it physically is.

Not only can you make use of the large mirror up on the wall, but you can also opt for oversized floor mirror which simply leans against the wall rather than being attached. This gives a more contemporary and more casual feel to your space.

Furthermore, with all of these options, if you are likely to be doing any entertaining in your living room then the large mirror will give the space a lively, exciting ambience, as it will feel as though there are more people in the room than actually is the case.

Mixed it up with Multiple Mirrors in Your Living Room

collection of framed mirrors leaning against wall

Using multiple mirrors in your living room is another way to open up the decorative possibilities at home. Try a symmetrical placement of several mirrors, keeping them equidistant from other key features on the wall. This symmetrical way of displaying multiple mirrors gives a balanced and calming feel to your living space and would work well with mirrors in alcoves either side of a fireplace or mirrors evenly arranged on the wall behind the sofa. You might also have a gallery wall of mirrors and, in so doing, use the mirror in the same way as you would a framed print or a piece of art.

multiple circular mirrors and picture frames hanging on feature wall in living room

Alternatively, choose a selection of mirrors, perhaps in different sizes and shapes, that can be arranged in a eclectic group on the wall. Either keewith other mirrors or other items and pictures. This is a great way to show off a collection of unusual or varied mirrors and get creative in your arrangements. Each mirror could also pick up on a different colour, shape, texture or style from your living room decor and tie them all together into a feature.

Add Textured With Framed Mirrors

textured circular framed mirror on whtie wall in living room

Choosing a mirror with an interesting and textured frame will add a delightful element to the aesthetic of your living room. In a subtle and yet distinct way, the textured mirror frame, whether rustic or modern, will bring a tactile addition to the room in the same way as another accessory such as a throw, a vase or a coffee table might. Adding a sense of luxuriousness and elegant charm, the textured mirror can act a stunning finishing touch to the design of the room.

Statement Mirror as a Focal Point

sun burst gold framed circular mirror on navy wall with black shelf, books and plant

A statement mirror with a striking style and shape may well serve as the focal point to your living room. With designs such as a crystal shaped mirror or a mirror pendant, the eye-catching nature of these fashionable options is such that you might well choose to place them in the room as a centrepiece. Then match it to your furniture or ornaments that have a similar style or shapes incorporated into its design, then you will have created not only an interesting added touch to the room, but rather a developed a theme around which your living room can develop.

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