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baroque style building interior - what is a baroque style mirror

What is a Baroque Style Mirror?

Baroque interior design style originates from Italy in the early 17th to mid 18th centuries as just one part of the wider cultural movements of baroque art, architecture, music and more. It can be characterised by its maximalist, ornate, lavish and yet intricate qualities. There was always a distinct complexity to the baroque style. This complexity though always was grounded in a very acute sense of organised symmetry.

In terms of the art and aesthetic movements more generally, Baroque can be placed after Renaissance and before Neoclassical style. The expansiveness of design was called upon by the Roman Catholic Church then as a counter-proposal to the simplicity and austerity of Protestant architecture, art and music. Though, it soon spread outwards from Italy all across Europe, its flamboyancy catching on and taking on its own accents and flavours within each national rendition of the style.

In the artistic realm, we might think of certain infamous names such as Peter Paul Rubens and Caravaggio as being closely associated with the movement. As regards music, Antonio Vivaldi is known as being one of the greatest composers of the Baroque. Sculpture of course was possibly the most fundamental aspect of the movement, and the three progenitors can be seen to be the sculptors Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini and the painter Pietro da Cortana.

The Church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, baroque style designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
The Church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Photo: By Anthony M. from Rome, Italy (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Baroque Interior Design

Important to the Baroque style in terms of interior design were carvings, patterns, plant motifs and design generally motivated towards the building up of the sense of shade and texture through highly sharp and tightly packed shapes emerging from furnishings.

Today, elements of the Baroque style are still popular, with a taste of a palace atmosphere captured and inserted into a homely setting. This can be achieved by certain design selections across a range of furnishings, such as with luxurious linens, picturesque wall paintings, exquisitely carved table and chair legs, and with plenty of curves, with the walls of your rooms not accepting either flatness or bareness.

Chateau Versailles Galerie des Glaces - Baroque style interior
Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) in the Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France. Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons, [CC by SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Baroque Style Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to create that Baroque style, making home carry a traditional, classic look, is in your selection of mirrors. In the mirror, and especially its frame, one is able to condense the power and exuberance of the Baroque aesthetic into one stunning and eye-catching piece.

Splendour and grandeur can be achieved with the dramatic and elaborate designed carvings in the frames of the mirror. Sophistication should also ooze out of the palette, which should be black, white, gold, silver or bronze.

The bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom can benefit from the Baroque style today. Large, over-sized furniture, intricate guilt frames, richly woven textiles and ornate decorative jewellery all can be used to assert a sense of majesty into a home.

The Baroque style really should add an air of character to your room, and this character can be seen to overlap with certain other aesthetic categories, such as the luxury antique and vintage look. It can be a great area of décor to explore. Just always remember not to be shy or nervous with your decisions when it comes to the Baroque. Imagine yourself as a 17th century Italian aesthete and rejoice in the magnificence of extravagant craftsmanship!


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