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ornate frame cleaning tips - gold mirror on tectured background

Tips for Cleaning Ornate Frames

If you have a picture, a piece of art or a large mirror which you want to be highlighted in some style, then the ornate frame is often the best way forward. It imbues that which it frames with an especially impressive and grand quality. Elegant, timeless and bold, the ornate frame is a treat for large mirrors, making the mirror stand out as a statement piece in the room.

With a frame of such a particular design and style, you will however need to make sure that you are careful when it comes to the cleaning process. An ornate frame requires a few more considerations than a normal flat frame does, and so it is important to bear these in mind when you are keeping your ornate frame in tip-top shape.

Preparing the Frame

To properly clean your ornate frame, the first step will involve choosing your area in which you want to clean your frame, laying down towels which cover a wide space on the floor that well exceeds the size of your frame, laying your frame carefully face down on the towels, and then removing the frame from the mirror (if possible) and somewhere safe for the duration of the frame-cleaning session.

Get Rid of the Dust

As with mirrored or glass surfaces, an important primary step is to wipe away any dust. This is arguably even more important with an ornate frame than with any other kind of frame, simply because the shape and pattern of the frame will be such that it is more likely a lot of dust will gather if you don’t get on top of the task. Happily, it is an easy enough step of the cleaning process, and, once you have picked up your frame from the towel, the main thing that you will need is a soft, clean dust cloth and a delicate and careful touch.

Toothbrushes and Cotton Buds

As the design of an ornate framed mirror will have plenty of fine angles and ridges, you will want to make sure that you are able to get at those indented areas. An easy way to do this is with a soft toothbrush, which you may use in a similarly gently manner to clean those areas of dust. You may also want to use cotton buds for areas which are even more tricky to access. Once you have done this, you will want to wipe the frame with the cloth once more to get rid of any loosened debris.

Get Rid of Tarnishes

Making sure to apply (and this is maybe the prevalent theme for ornate frame cleaning) gentle pressure, you may then wipe away any unwanted tarnishes with a lightly damp microfibre cloth. Water will work, but you my also consider applying an anti-tarnish product. Though it should be said on the matter of water that leaving any damp patches when you put up your frame again can cause damage. Therefore, water should always be used conservatively, and you should make 100% sure that the frame is dry after cleaning it and before you get on with placing it back up on the wall.

Catering Your Cleaning to Your Frame

Part of what is going to shape the way that you clean your frame is the specifications of the frame. For example, if it is made from silver, then you will want to use a specifically devised silver cleaner that you will be able to purchase in shops or online. With ornate frame cleaning, as opposed to mirror glass cleaning, you need to steer clear of DIY home remedies and solutions which, though effective in cleaning other surfaces, may be too harsh and abrasive for such a frame. This includes anything ammonia related. This should be taken into account with store bought cleaning products too, and so you should always check the packaging to ensure that no ammonia is involved in a cleaning product before using it on your ornate frame.


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