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Mirror Guides & Advice

With so many gorgeous mirror styles, shapes and sizes to choose from it can be a difficult task to pick your favourite. Read some of our useful guides to help you choose the right mirror for your space, whether that is thinking about the considerations when selecting a large mirror or a bathroom mirror, or evening finding out more about how mirrors are made and the quality of our mirrors.

choosing a bathroom mirror

How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

Read our guide to choosing a bathroom mirror. Hints and tips for selecting the best position, shape, style and even colour for your space.

choosing a large mirror

How to Choose a Large Mirror

Would you like to use a large mirror in your space but not sure how to go about it? Check out our guide to help you select the right big mirror and position it to best effect.

How are mirrors made

How Are Mirrors Made?

Ever wondered how mirrors are made? Read on to find out about how mirrors were made both in the past and present. Find out about the materials, skills and technologies used to create an item that we all use on a daily basis.

about deknudt mirrors

About Deknudt Mirrors

Find out more about Deknudt Mirrors, their history and their fantastic collections that are available here at the Mirror Shop.

Art Deco Decorating Ideas

Art Deco Decorating Ideas

Discover more about the glamorous Art Deco style. Explore our guide to it's motifs, colours, textures and mirrors (of course)as well as how you can use these to add a touch of Art Deco to your space or even go all out in the period's style.

how to hang mirrors for good feng shui

How to Hang Mirrors For Good Feng Shui

Looking for a way to hang mirrors in your space that helps to achieve a sense of balance and harmony? Then find out more about where and how to hang mirrors to achieve good Feng Shui.

famous mirrors in literature and film

Famous Mirrors in Literature & Film

Find out which books and movies feature in our top famous mirrors. Mirrors are often used as symbols and can represent self-reflection, inner questioning, confusion and many other feelings or themes. They can also be magical or mythical and poses powers and abilities. Explore our top selection of famous mirrors here.

what is a baroque style mirror

What is a Baroque Style Mirror?

Ever wondered what Baroque style is? Read on to find out more about the Baroque style across architecture, art, music and of course interior design and mirrors.

how to use mirrors to decorate a living room

How to use Mirrors to Decorate a Living Room

Looking to redecorate your living room but not sure how to include mirrors in the design? Read our guide to discover ideas and tips for decorating your living room with mirrors.

mirror cleaning tips

Tips for Cleaning Mirrors

Read our top tips for cleaning your mirrors to learn more about the care and maintenance that will help you make the most of your mirrors potential.

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