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Intelligent Retail Review - The Mirror Cracked

Many of you will remember the days when if you wanted to buy anything it was necessary to jump on the bus or into your car and visit every shop within travelling distance until you found what you were looking for. Heaven knows how many miles were travelled in vain! Then the internet arrived and eventually brought every conceivable choice directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone. You could source the perfect pieces and get them shipped right to your door. Online shopping has proved to be a fabulous boon for consumers but is not without its problems for retailers. Especially those who sell mirrors as it turned out!

Selling online means having to ship the goods which is where things get tricky with mirrors as you can imagine. Mirrors are fragile things that don't enjoy the rigours of being transported. In the early days we experienced all sorts of trouble trying to get our beautiful mirrors to our customers undamaged. The mirrors were cracking and it was an issue that we had to address. Our customers were being inconvenienced and we were in danger of amassing a huge reservoir of bad luck!

We completely overhauled our packing procedures to ensure that our mirrors arrived in perfect condition. We have packing down to a fine art now and work closely with our chosen couriers to maintain the highest delivery standards. We were finally able to breathe a big sigh of relief but online shopping presented further complications that required our attention.

Beautiful Mirrors

You can purchase your mirror from Mirror Shop online or you can visit us at the Enid Hutt Gallery in both Kirkcaldy and Aberdeen. Selling from multiple locations and online means that we must have the best possible system for keeping accurate stock of our inventory and processing orders. These days that means EPoS (electronic point of sale) tills and software. We searched for the option that best suited our business and found that the perfect solution was Connect from Intelligent Retail.

Connect EPoS Software - A Review

We've put together an Intelligent Retail Review for those interested, take a look!

Connect is a premium multichannel retail EPoS system with award winning architecture that makes retailing from multiple locations and platforms simple. We can upload our products and then simply drag and drop them into our chosen retail channels with ease meaning that our customers can see them in store and online almost as soon as they arrive! Better still, the sophisticated reporting enables us to see who our customers are, what they like best and when they want to buy so we can update our stock accordingly. Real time stock adjustments mean that when we say we have a mirror in stock then we really do!

Handling product variations is now straightforward too. Many of our mirrors are available in different sizes but Connect is designed to make uploading and displaying colour and size variants easy. Different options can make pricing items complicated too but Connect has really helped to ensure that we get our pricing right. As Clarke explains,

"Mirrors and frames are available in many sizes. Connect has proved very useful in fixing and recording price points for the different permutations."

We are now able to recognise trends and respond to them quickly, we can process online orders with maximum efficiency and we can ensure that our stock levels are sufficient to meet demand. The Connect system has been updated and improved consistently since we first signed up and we have found that the excellent support team at Intelligent Retail work hard to keep issues and disruption to a minimum.

There are still some products that we simply cannot list online because shipping them would be either too risky or too costly. However, for the most part our problems have been solved by superior packing and running the right EPoS system for our complex business needs. We continue to develop our range to respond to the latest trends and to offer our customers the finest mirrors at the best possible prices.

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