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how to choose a bathroom mirror

How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

Every bathroom benefits from the right mirror. After all how else are you going to apply your makeup, do your hair and be sure you can step out in style without toothpaste over your face?

More than merely functional, mirrors can also create the illusion of space, enhance the light in the room and form an interesting focal point. It is, however, crucial to find the mirror that best suits your space, decorative scheme and your individual needs. At Mirror Shop we have a wonderful range of bathroom mirrors for you to choose from and here is how to find the perfect piece for you.

What Space Do I Have?

Begin by taking a look at where you wish to position your mirror. This will usually be above the sink. Measure the area to establish the maximum size of mirror that can be accommodated and then consider what size would best suit the look of the room.

Do remember that the mirror must be positioned at the right height for all members of the household so if you are a shorty and your partner is tall a longer mirror would be more practical. You wouldn't want anyone to have to stoop or stand on a box to see themselves!

What Shape Is Best?

Here you should choose a shape which complements the furnishings and decorative style of the room. Square and rectangular mirrors may suit best or perhaps a circular mirror would soften the harsh lines of the room. The depth of an oval mirror like our Saturn Oval Frameless Bathroom Mirror by Deknudt Mirrors is a great choice if those living in the home are of different heights.

oval multi facet frameless mirror on wall near chair and table with perfume bottles
Saturn Oval Frameless Bathroom Mirror by Deknudt Mirrors - Buy Now

TOP TIP - If you are finding it difficult to imagine what would look best in the room then cut some pieces of cardboard in the various shapes and hold them up against the wall to give yourself a clearer picture.

What Style Should I Choose?

If your room has a distinctive or defined decorative style then choose something in keeping with what you have. At Mirror Shop our range features both contemporary and period style mirrors and everything from simple frameless mirrors to highly decorative pieces.

If your mirror is to be purely functional or your bathroom is very modern with clean lines and few embellishments then a simple mirror would suit but more decorative pieces like our Fiori slice round frameless mirror can add an eye catching focal point to the space.

fiori slice round frameless bathroom mirror by Deknudt Mirrors on white background
Fiori Slice Round Bathroom Mirror by Deknudt Mirrors - Buy Now

Our diamond shaped wall mirror would be perfect for a room in the Art Deco style and for an elegant period property the Frise Silver Decorative Framed Bevelled wall mirror would be a great addition.

What Colour Will Work?

The final consideration when choosing your mirror is the colour of the frame. Your choice will depend on the colours of your fittings, walls and tiles and whether you are looking for a mirror that will sit quietly in the room or one which will make a statement. We have a wonderful array of framed mirrors for you to choose from including white, black, gold, silver, beige and wood finishes.

Opt for the subtlety of white or add a striking feature with silver or gold, the choice is yours and we are sure that you will find a great bathroom mirror here at Mirror Shop

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