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art deco decorating ideas and mirrors

Art Deco Decorating Ideas

When you think of Art Deco what comes to mind? Luxurious hotels from the 1920’s, strong geometric shapes, bold colours such as black and gold, and even a touch of exotic pattern? The Art Deco style really was quite a mix of different influences, from the glamour of Hollywood to the new discoveries by archaeologists at the time. This means it could be quite easy to overdo it when using Art Deco as an interior theme when gathering Art Deco decorating ideas.

However you don’t have to go all out with an authentic Art Deco styling to get the look; you can incorporate Art Deco elements into your own interior to create a unique and contemporary interior design inspired by Art Deco.

If you are looking to redecorate and considering using this period styling, then take a look at some of the Art Deco decorating ideas below to help you add this classic look into your home.


Consider colour when bringing Art Deco into your interior design. Black and white was popular as a powerful combination, often with metallics such as gold and chrome. Neutrals were also used and are a softer option if you find the monochrome too strong. This could be beige, brown and cream colours that are accented with wood tones. Other colours would occasionally feature such as green, pink, yellow and even orange or red. You may wish to select the softer colours for bedrooms and the stronger colours for kitchens or bathrooms.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns were a key part of the Art Deco style. This could be geometric patterns in the wallpaper or angular shapes in the furniture, fabrics and even flooring but probably not all at once! You could choose one or two geometric patterned items that you love and work the rest of your theme around them. Perhaps go for striking wallpaper or an eye catching Art Deco style mirror as your focal point in a room and let it inspire the rest of your interior design.

Chrysler elevator
Photo: Dogears at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons


Textures and materials were luxurious, exotic and exciting. You would find iridescent mother of pearl, rich tortoiseshell, sparkling glass and mirrors, gleaming metallic such as chrome, silver and gold, new plastics such as Bakelite and lacquered surfaces. Alongside this you would find lavish, soft and shiny fabrics that gave a sense of opulence and Hollywood glam. At the time exploration was popular and this lead to the Art Deco style being influenced by African safaris and Egyptian discoveries.


Motifs were varied. There were motifs from nature such as shells, sunrise and fan shapes, flowers, vines, feathers and wings. Egyptian imagery was also seen throughout interior design and decorations including sphinxes and pyramids, the female form, zigzags, chevrons and lightning bolts. With a wide variety of motifs it might be best to select one main motif style such as nature or Egyptian so that it doesn't feel too confused or over complicated.

Eastern Columbia Building entrance
Photo: By Binksternet [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Your furniture choices could be based on finding original Art Deco pieces or more contemporary options that still compliment the Art Deco styling. Traditionally rooms displayed individual items of furniture rather than suites or sets. Wood was popular as well as mirrored furniture which added glamour and also helped to create a spacious feel by reflecting light.

Photo: One of our own mirrored tables


Art Deco lighting featured statement ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps. Lighting was decorative as well as functional and so we see patterned or shell shaped glass, polished metals and strong geometric shapes. If you prefer not to deal with rewiring then you could still incorporate the Art Deco style by adding a table lamp or a floor lamp, or even finding a suitable Art Deco inspired lamp shade to work with your interior.

Finishing Touches

Adding the finishing touches to your Art Deco room will help to tie all the elements together. Find a stunning cubist painting, 1920’s advert or sculpture, a feature Art Deco mirror, a collection of beautiful period photo frames or even some rich or geometric soft furnishings to complete the look. In any room it can help to have a focal point that will draw the eye. This might be a sunburst mirror hanging above a fireplace, a luxurious headboard behind the bed or a striking piece of mirrored furniture in a hallway.

Photo: One of our own Art Deco mirrors

However you decide to use Art Deco in your interior design it is important to choose items that you adore. If you some more inspiration then take a look at our full range of Art Deco mirrors and mirrored furniture to get your started!


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